Course Learning Objectives

Target Audience: Occupational Therapy Practitioners

  • Tests & Measures

    Identify clinical tools and strategies for evaluation of cognition and cognitive-perceptual performance skills for driving

  • Evidenced Based & Best Practice

    Apply current occupational therapy evidence-based research & best practice to driving rehabilitation to address cognitive performance skills

  • Evaluation & Treatment Techniques

    Given a client scenario, select the most appropriate evaluation techniques and treatment interventions to assess a client's fitness to drive

Course Description

Please see Part 2 In the Car: Take the Wheel for the full course description.

Course Agenda

    1. Welcome

    2. Course Handout - Please download

    3. Course References & Resources

    1. Module Introduction: Understanding the Client's Perspective (M4 MI A1)

    1. Key Points for Verbal Cueing (M4 L1 A1)

    2. Demonstrating Verbal Cueing (M4 L1 A2)

    3. Practicing Verbal Cueing (M4 L1 A3)

    4. DRS Example of a Left Hand Turn (M4 L1 A3)

    1. Knowing How and When to Use Physical Skills (M4 L2 A1)

    2. Reviewing Strategies for Physical Cueing (M4 L2 A2)

    3. Practicing Strategies for Physical Cueing (M4 L2 A3)

    1. Describing Visual Skills of the DRS (M4 L3 A1)

    2. Visual Scanning Strategies for Judging Distance (M4 L3 A2)

    3. Using SIPDE to Predict Driving Behavior (M4 L3 A3)

    4. Vehicle Positioning Techniques (M4 L3 A4)

    1. Course Summary (M4 MS A1)

    2. Identifying Cueing Strategies (M4 MS A2)

    3. Compare Cueing Strategies (M4 MS A3)

    4. Ready to Learn More?

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