Course Learning Objectives

Target Audience: Occupational Therapy Practitioners

  • Tests & Measures

    Identify clinical tools and strategies for evaluation of cognition and cognitive-perceptual performance skills for driving

  • Evidenced Based & Best Practice

    Apply current occupational therapy evidence-based research & best practice to driving rehabilitation to address cognitive performance skills

  • Evaluation & Treatment Techniques

    Given a client scenario, select the most appropriate evaluation techniques and treatment interventions to assess a client's fitness to drive

Course Description

Please see Part 2 In the Car: Take the Wheel for the full course description.
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Course Agenda

  • 1

    Key Concepts: Course Handouts, Resources, & References

    • Welcome

    • Course Handout - Please download

    • Course References & Resources

  • 2

    Module Introduction

    • Preparing the Driver Rehabilitation Specialist (M3 MI A1)

  • 3

    Lesson 1: Eye Check Mirror & Supplemental Rear-View Mirror

    • Using Supplemental Mirrors (M3 L1 A1)

    • Installing Supplemental Mirrors (M3 L1 A2)

    • Resources for Setting Mirrors

    • Resources for Purchasing Mirrors

  • 4

    Lesson 2: Driving from the Passenger Seat

    • Driving from the Passenger Seat (M3 L2 A1)

    • Demonstrating Position of Readiness (M3 L2 A2)

    • Demonstrating Management of Supplemental Controls (M3 L2 A3)

    • Practicing DRS Techniques (M3 L2 A4)

  • 5

    Lesson 3: Instructor Brake & Instructor Gas

    • Introduction to Instructor Brake & Instructor Gas (M3 L3 A1)

    • Demonstration of Instructor Brake & Instructor Gas (M3 L3 A2)

    • Introducing Emergency Vehicle Management (M3 L3 A3)

    • Preparing for Vehicle Management (M3 L3 A4)

  • 6

    Module Summary

    • Test Your Knowledge

    • Summary of DRS Vehicle Management (M3 MS A1)

    • Ready to Learn More?

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  • Presenter & Author: Susan Touchinsky, OTR/L, SCDCM, CDRS Contributing Author & Presenters: Susan Pierce, OTR, SCDCM, CDRS, Wendy Starnes, OTR/L, SCDCM, DRS

  • AOTA CEUs/Contact Hours: 0.3 CEU/3.0 contact hours

  • Online Publication: 5/2019; Date & Location: ongoing, online

  • Level of learning/education level: introductory; Prerequisites: none

  • Instructional Method: online course, independent learning

  • AOTA Classification Codes: OT Process (evaluation) & Domain of OT (client factors, performance skills)

  • Course Completion Requirements: Learner will review full presentation, handout, & complete post exam and AOTA APP provider survey.

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