Course Learning Objectives

Target Audience: Occupational Therapy Practitioners

  • Tests & Measures

    Identify clinical tools and strategies for evaluation of cognition and cognitive-perceptual performance skills for driving

  • Evidenced Based & Best Practice

    Apply current occupational therapy evidence-based research & best practice to driving rehabilitation to address cognitive performance skills

  • Evaluation & Treatment Techniques

    Given a client scenario, select the most appropriate evaluation techniques and treatment interventions to assess a client's fitness to drive

Course Description

Please see Part 2 In the Car: Take the Wheel for the full course description.

Course Agenda

    1. Welcome

    2. Course Handout - Please download

    3. Course References & Resources

    4. Take the Wheel - LIVE Information

    1. Introducing In-vehicle Work

    1. Understanding Terminology for Driving (M1 L1 A1)

    2. Building Your Driving Rehabilitation Vocabulary (DRSM1 L1 A2)

    3. Documenting Using Driving Terminology (M1 L1 A3)

    4. Using Driving Terminology to Describe a Driving Scene (M1 L1 A4)

    5. Analysis of Occupational Performance in the Context of Driving a Vehicle (M1 L1 A5)

    1. Analysis of Traffic Environment (M1 L2 A1)

    2. Categorizing Traffic Environments (M1 L2 A2)

    3. Weather & Illumination Driving Environmental Considerations

    4. Weather & Illumination Driving Environmental Considerations (M1 L2 A3.2)

    1. Examining Driving Route Options (M1 L3 A1)

    2. Apply Michon’s Hierarchy of Driving for Driving Route Development (M1 L3 A2)

    3. Summary of Michon's Hierarchy & Application to Driving Evaluation (M1 L3 A3)

    4. Tips for Finding Driving Routes (M1 L3 A4)

    5. Mapping Your Driving Route Options (M1 L3 A5)

    6. Driving Route Sample

    1. Summarizing Grading Techniques for Evaluation & Training (M1 MS A1)

    2. Grading Vehicle Evaluation & Training Quiz (M1 MS A2)

    3. Ready to Learn More?

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