Are you ready to start your own OT Driver Rehab practice, win back your time, freedom, & passion....

(even if you have always worked for someone else?)

Did you become an OT because in your heart you believed you could make a difference & now you wonder if you are making any impact at all?

Do you feel trapped in the Medicare system? Tired of being told how many minutes you have with someone & being locked into treatment based on coding?

Are you tired of 80%+ productivity, having to work weekends & holidays?

Are you working just to earn enough to pay for all those expensive benefits?

Do you miss being creative & providing innovative care? Do you feel stuck in your job?

Do you want to specialize but have no idea where to go or how to start?

If this sounds like you, then it's time to explore becoming an expert OT DRS & running your own practice. 

We give you everything you need, start to finish.

Change lives. Become an OT DRS. Create your dream OT driving private practice.


    Prevent recreating the wheel! Benefit from the experience of others to save you time searching for the answers! Gain valuable insights into program education advancement, program development, networking & more!


    Why travel to conference after conference in search of resources when you can join our program & learn it all directly. In addition, learn cost-saving tips & strategies for driving rehab equipment, insurances, systems, & more!


    Let us help you avoid stress & frustration by sharing with you our documentation, program guidelines, strategies for intact flow, patient management, and MORE!

Dedicated Mentorship. Lifetime Connections.

Start creating your highly-paid OT Driving Practice today!

  • Define your value & mission

  • Develop your skills as a DRS

  • Identify regulatory considerations

  • Explore your competition

  • Build your business team

  • Explore risk management & liability considerations

  • Develop program structure

  • Improve office management efficency

  • Market your program

  • Develop sustainable referral sources

  • Manage personal benefits

  • Advance your credentials


Do you want to create your own practice where you get to do the work you love, spend less time working, earn more money, & have full control of your work & life balance?

Exceptional Mentor

"Susie uses a great combination of educational information, patient videos/case studies, resources, & quizzes. Susie is very knowledgeable, a great teacher, & she has gone above & beyond to provide an exceptional learning experience." - Aubrey, OT

Driving Rehab Specific Mentorship.

Everything you need to save time, save money, & jump start your own private practice with support from expert OT DRS mentors. VALUED at $50,000+.

Every elite athlete, actor, singer, & business owner has a mentor/director/or coach in their corner cheering them on & helping them push to new heights.

As an OT Superhero, you deserve a mentor too! Someone to be on YOUR side, to help you navigate this unique practice area, to help you reach your goals, & to help you create your own dream private practice. 

Adaptive Mobility Services offers you full access to expert OT DRS mentors who have been in your shoes. Who have gone from working for someone else to starting their own successful private practices. 

Our mentorship program provides you with 12 sessions, over the course of 3 to 6 months, focused on providing you with the support & strategies you need to get your driving practice up and running. You get 12 mentorship meetings (no more than 1x/week), plus access to your mentor via virtual meetings, phone, text, & email and unlimited access to our online mentorship learning library & resource center.

During your mentorship, you will have full access to your OT DRS mentor via virtual meetings, phone, text, & email.  The virtual meetings will focus on key concepts to help you establish, develop, and grow your own private practice. 

  • Learn industry-tested tips, strategies, & methods! 
  • Benefit from our experience  (no one likes to recreate the wheel!)
  • Save time by avoiding unnecessary expenses.
  • Let us help you navigate the process to make starting your program easy & efficient! 

Your mentorship experience includes:

  • VISION. Clarity on your value, vision, & mission to create the private practice of your dreams. - Valued at $1000
  • REGULATORY. Business establishment & regulatory guidance so you can discover and understand your state specific laws  & regulations. - Valued at $1,200
  • EQUIPMENT. Equipment & Driver Rehabilitation Vehicle Selection - Guidance & financing tips to obtain clinical testing materials & adaptive driving equipment for your driving rehabilitation vehicle. - Valued at $14,500 (and that's just the equipment! Not the vehicle!)
  • GUIDELINES. Full access to our developed program guidelines (aka policy & procedures). - Valued at $15,000
  • DOCUMENTATION. Electronic Documentation Training with the use of PracticeQ including ready to use OT Driving Rehab Specific documentation (evaluation, training, equipment scripts, final fittings, etc.), intake & forms, welcome letter, appointment confirmation as well as fax & billing integration tips, & more.  - Valued at $9,000 
  • MARKETING. Establish sustainable referral sources, learn insider tips and strategies for OT specific sales, learn to promote your business with integrity, explore resources for logo design, marketing collaterals, & website design. - Valued at $9,000 
  • RISK MANAGEMENT. Identify & explore risk management & liability considerations. - Valued at $3500

VALUED at $50,000+


YOUR COST $15,000 

Everything you need to start your own driving rehab program. 

Need OT DRS Education? Reach out for a bundling including your foundational education with Adaptive Mobility's Part 1 & Part 2 training (60 hours of OT Driver Rehab Specialist Training). 

Become an OT DRS. Start your own Program. Create the practice of your dreams.

Does this sound like you?

Are you an exceptional OT who is passionate about practice, wants more control of your life, & believes there is something bigger & better out there than the current stifling healthcare system?

Susie Touchinsky, OTR/L, SCDCM, CDRS

Your Mentor

Susie is an occupational therapist, certified driver rehabilitation specialist, has experience as a certified driving instructor, & is the owner of Adaptive Mobility Services, LLC. Susie is passionate about driving rehabilitation. She offers over 20 years as an OT and 17 years as a DRS. She started at the Johns Hopkins Driving Program in 2003 where she grew the PRN position into a full time caseload. In 2012, she developed Driving Rehabilitation by Genesis Rehab Services where she served as the director, educator, & mentor to 6 OT DRS across 4 states. Then in 2018, she entered & established her own private practice, Adaptive Mobility. Her experience in program development, education, & mentorship, as well as her relationships with both the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) and the Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists (ADED), make her uniquely qualified to be your mentor.
Susie Touchinsky, OTR/L, SCDCM, CDRS

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"A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself!" - Oprah

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