Course Learning Objectives

Target Audience: Occupational Therapy Practitioners

  • Clinical Tools & Strategies

    Identify clinical tools and strategies for evaluation of visual & hearing performance skills needed for driving.

  • Evidenced Based Research

    Apply current occupational therapy evidence-based research & practice to driving rehabilitation to address hearing and visual performance skills.

  • Select Techniques & Interventions

    Given a client scenario, select the most appropriate evaluation techniques and treatment interventions to facilitate fitness to drive.

Course Description

What we see and hear impacts how we interact with the world around us. Our clients can experience a range of changes in hearing and vision that ultimately may impact safety and engagement in driving and community mobility. In this course, explore strategies for screening hearing and listening. Learn techniques for screening visual acuity, depth perception, ocular range of motion, and convergences. Gain insider tips for assessing visual fields thru quadrant vision testing and confrontational testing. Understand the value of contrast sensitivity for the driving environment and begin to explore the impact of vision on visual perceptual skills, scanning, and visual processing. Participants will learn how to administer screening tests and measures, benefit from demonstration videos, apply their learning to case studies and activities, and connect the impact of visual performance skills to the task of driving. This is course is ideal for the occupational therapy practitioner addressing driving in the clinic. This course is also a great foundation for those OT's advancing into driver rehabilitation. Take this course as part of the In the Clinic: Building Blocks Curriculum Bundle or on it’s on. This course is taught by occupational therapy practitioners, with advanced training and experience in the field of driver rehabilitation.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome & Course Summary

    2. Course Handout - Please download a copy for your reference

    3. Course References & Resources

    1. Introduction to Vision & Hearing (M5 MI A1)

    1. Strategies for Screening Hearing (M5 L1 A1)

    2. Driving with Hearing Deficits (M5 L1 A2)

    3. Driving with Hearing Deficits (M5 L1 A2 Part 2)

    4. Developing Resources for Hearing Impairment (M5 L1 A3)

    1. Key Points for Visual Acuity & Depth Perception (M5 L2 A1)

    2. Assessing Visual Acuity (M5 L2 A2)

    3. Assessing Visual Acuity Resources (M5 L2 A2 Part 2)

    4. Screening Depth Perception (M5 L2 A3)

    5. Screening Depth Perception (M5 L2 A3 Part 2)

    6. Clinical Application of Acuity & Depth Perception (M5 L2 A4)

    7. Identify State Regulation for Vision (M5 L2 A5)

    8. Bioptic Driving

    1. Overview of Ocular Motor Ability (M5 L3 A1)

    2. Testing Ocular Range of Motion, Saccades & Pursuits, & Convergence (M5 L3 A2)

    3. Practicing Testing of Ocular Range of Motion, Saccades & Pursuits, & Convergence (M5 L3 A3)

    4. Resources for Testing Ocular Range of Motion, Saccades & Pursuits, & Convergence (M5 L3 A2 Part 2)

    1. Defining Visual Fields (M5 L4 A1)

    2. Impact of Visual Fields on Driving (M5 L4 A1.2)

    3. Assessing Visual Fields (M5 L4 A2)

    4. Determining Visual Fields (M5 L4 A3)

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  • Presenter & Author: Susan Touchinsky, OTR/L, SCDCM, CDRS Contributing Author & Presenters: Susan Pierce, OTR, SCDCM, CDRS, Wendy Starnes, OTR/L, SCDCM, DRS

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  • Online Publication: 2/2019

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  • AOTA Classification Codes: OT Process (evaluation) & Domain of OT (client factors, performance skills)

  • Course Completion Requirements: Learner will review full presentation, handout, & complete post exam and AOTA APP provider survey.

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