5-Steps Our Clients Use to Start Their Own Highly-Paid OT Driver Rehab Business, & Win Back Their Time, Freedom, & Passion...

(even if they've always worked for someone else.)

In this FREE masterclass, we'll reveal:

  • The exact game plan our clients use to start their own incredible OT Driving Private Practice, so they match (and then surpass) their current income, while winning back hours every week. 

  • What they're doing to have TOTAL control of their schedule, so they can work as little as 2 or 3 days a week, and take vacations whenever they please. 

  • The real reason why going to conference-based courses is a waste of time and money, and NOT a good strategy for becoming an OT DRS ... And the much simpler, more effective way our clients do things instead. 

  • How any OT can have incredible work-life balance while operating a successful business that they love running, and the secret that makes it happen practically overnight. 

  • How our client's increase their hourly rate by 2, 3, or even 5 times, compared to working for someone else. 

  • AND how they do all this, while creating a practice with integrity, in months rather than years. 

Susie Touchinsky

Susie is an occupational therapist & certified driver rehabilitation specialist offering 20+ years of experience. She is the owner of Adaptive Mobility Services, LLC & a self-proclaimed driving geek! She loves promoting OTs to become experts in driving rehab & mentoring them to become badass private practice owners. She is passionate, driven, dedicated, & kind.