Course Learning Objectives

Target Audience: 5 Hours of Online Learning for Occupational Therapy Practitioners

  • Formulate Outcomes

    Given a client scenario, select the most appropriate evaluation techniques and treatment interventions to assess fitness to drive & interpret data to formulate outcomes

  • Driving Assessment & Interventions

    Learn to select the most appropriate equipment options and therapeutic interventions to support a client's return to driving including applications for driving simulators.

  • Driving Retirement

    Explore the role of OT with driving retirement conversations, recognize performance skill impairments that indicate the need for driving retirement, & learn specific strategies for addressing this difficult topic.

Course Description

Take your foundational knowledge of driving assessments and learn to apply the clinical process to identify performance patterns in order to formulate outcomes for a range of driving and community mobility challenges. Explore connections between medication and driving. Learn to apply ethics, best practice guidelines, evidenced based practice, and experiential advice to guide your clinical reasoning and decision-making process. Benefit from a range of references and resources including the AMS Driving Considerations for Various Diagnoses and OT Assessments & Objective Measures: Application to Driving. Apply foundational resources and the OT DRIVE to various case studies, explore opportunities for therapeutic interventions – including mobility device equipment and driving simulators, and practice specific strategies for addressing driving retirement. Explore the application of ethics and best practice guidelines and documentation. This is course is ideal for the occupational therapy practitioner addressing driving in the clinic. This course is also a great foundation for those OT's advancing into driver rehabilitation. Take this course as part of the In the Clinic: Building Blocks Curriculum Bundle or on it’s on. This course is taught by occupational therapy practitioners, with advanced training and experience in the field of driver rehabilitation.

Course Agenda: 

  • Module Introduction
  • Medications & Driving
  • Formulating Clinical Decisions
  • Equipment Options
  • Opportunities for Therapeutic Interventions
  • Driving Simulator
  • Driving Retirement Conversations
  • Documentation & Ethics
  • Module Summary


Course Learning Objectives

Following this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Explain the unique value occupational therapy expertise brings to driving rehabilitation 
  • Explore implications of medications on fitness to drive
  • Select the most appropriate evaluation techniques and treatment interventions to assess a client's fitness to drive and formulate clinical decision to support driving and community mobility outcomes
  • Explain how to select the most appropriate equipment options and therapeutic interventions to support a client's return to driving 
  • Identify the value of driving simulators for evaluation and treatment of performance skills needed in preparation for fitness to drive
  • Recognize impairments in performance skills that indicate the need for driving retirement and practice specific strategies for addressing this difficult topic
  • Identify characteristics of quality documentation and resources include code of ethics and practice standards to shape documentation and program development


Course Agenda

    1. Welcome!

    2. Course Handout - Please download

    3. Course References & Resources

    4. OT DRIVE Infographic

    5. AMS Driving Considerations for Diagnoses

    6. Course Resource: Driving Pathways by Diagnosis Sheets

    1. Overview of Clinical Considerations For Driving (M8 MI A1.1)

    2. Reflections of an OT Driver Rehabilitation Specialist (M8 MI A1.2)

    1. Understanding the Effects of Medications on Driving (M8 L1 A1)

    2. Applying Clinical Reasoning to Medications & Driving (M8 L1 A2)

    3. Driving & Medications Chart - Please Download

    4. Developing a Medication Side Effect Resource (M8 L1 A3)

    1. OT Assessments and Objective Measures: Application to Driving (M8 L2)

    2. Summarizing the Clinical Process: Doug's Case Handout - Please Download

    3. Interpreting the Results of a Clinical Evaluation for Driving (M8 L2 A1.1)

    4. OT Driver Rehabilitation Specialist's Interpretation of Doug's Case (M8 L2 A1.2)

    5. Example of Delivering Outcomes

    6. Formulating Clinical Decisions: Carol's Case (M8 L2 A2.1)

    7. Compare Your Answers for Carol's Case (M8 L2 A2.2)

    8. Knowledge Check: Sndyer's Case (M8 L2 A3)

    1. Spectrum of Driver Services: Right Services for the Right People at the Right Time - Please download

    2. Introducing Adaptive Equipment (M8 L3 A1)

    3. Demonstrating Adaptive Equipment (M8 L3 A2)

    4. Demonstrating Adaptive Equipment: Doug's Case (M8 L3 A2.2)

    5. Selecting a Spinner Knob (M8 L3 A3)

    6. Selecting Adaptive Driving Equipment - Synder's Case (M8 L3 A4)

    7. Snyder's Case: Driver Rehab Specialist Feedback (M8 L3 A4.2)

    1. Enhancing Skills for Functional Mobility (M8 L4 A1)

    2. Considerations for Client Factors to Support Functional Mobility: Case Study (L8 L4 A2)

    3. Enhancing Functional Mobility (M8 L4 A3)

    4. An Introduction to Mobility Device Transport Equipment (M8 L4 A4)

    5. Using Mobility Device Transport Equipment: Client Case (M8 L4 A5)

    6. Wheelchair Safety Standards (M8 L4 A6)

    7. Simple Gadgets & Role of CarFit (M8 L4 A7)

    8. Client Considerations for Learning to Drive with Adaptive Equipment (M8 L4 A8)

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