As an OTP, do these thoughts ever cross your mind…

  • “Is driving in my OT scope of practice, or covered by insurance?” 

  • “I do NOT want the liability of telling my client they can drive.”

  • “Why would I bring up driving when I work in acute care or a SNF?” 

  • “I don’t want to have to tell my client they can’t drive… it’s so devastating!” 

You are not the only OT with these uncertainties racing around your mind.

When you combine them with productivity pressures and misleading information online… who could blame you for leaving the driving conversation parked? 

But what if you had clear guidance based on the OT Practice Framework and a way to discuss your client’s driving goals without worrying about how they’ll get back behind the wheel? 

>>> Remember, as an OT in general practice, you won’t ever get in the car with clients! 

Your job is to simply start the driving conversation, set goals, and work on foundational skills ... sounds achievable, right?

Learn exactly how with this (free) course...

You’ll be equipped to…

  • Boldly ask about driving goals

    Don’t shy away from driving conversations. Support them in their big goals, no matter what their current functional level is.

  • Justify higher-level treatments

    Work on foundational performance skills to support client goals beyond dressing and toileting. Help them work toward total independence.

  • Improve outcomes by referring to specialists

    Understand your role and limitations so you can complete in-clinic screening and know when to treat or refer to driving specialists.

Course Agenda

    1. © Copyright Statement

    2. 2 Quick Questions

    1. Welcome #OTsuperhero (DRA M1 MI A1)

    2. Introduction to OTs Role with Driving (DRA M1 MI A2)

    3. Handout Resources & References - Please Download (DRA M1 MI A3)

    1. Introduction to the Occupation of Driving (DRA M1 L1 A1)

    2. Meaning of Driving: Perspectives on Driving from OT Students and Clients (DRA M1 L1 A2)

    3. Self-reflection (DRA M1 L1 A3)

    1. Using the OTPF to Address the Occupation of Driving (DRA M1 L2 A1)

    2. Providing a Framework - A New OT DRS (DRA M1 L2 A2)

    3. Observing Performance Skill Factors for Driving Risk and Potential (M1 L2 A3)

    4. Exploring Context, Personal Factors, & Environmental Factors for Driving (DRA M1 L2 A3.5)

    5. The Value of Occupation: ADLs & IADLs (DRA M1 L2 A4)

    6. Demonstrating the Impact of the OTPF on Driving Risk (M1 L2 A5)

    7. Applying the Practice Framework to Performance Skills for Driving (DRA M1 L2 A6)

    1. Distinguishing Between the OT Generalist & Specialist (DRA M1 L3 A1)

    2. Perspectives of the OT Generalist (DRA M1 L3 A2)

    3. Perspectives of the OT Driver Rehabilitation Specialist (DRA M1 L3 A3)

    4. Delineating the Role of the Generalists & Specialist (DRA M1 L3 A3.5)

    5. Tables & Resources to Streamline Your Workflow (DRA M1 L3 A4)

    6. Knowledge Check (DRA M1 L3 A5)

    1. OT DRIVE Infographic

    2. Understanding & Using the OT DRIVE to Address Driving & Community Mobility (DRA M1 L4 A1)

    3. Applying the OT DRIVE to Practice (DRA M1 L4 A2)

    4. Knowledge Check

About this course

  • Free
  • 29 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

Course Description

As an OTP, you have the clinical tools, philosophical underpinnings, and holistic approach to address an IADL that your clients value — driving. 

This course gives you a deeper understanding of how your role as an OTP prepares you to address this complex topic, even if you’re a generalist right now. 

>> Gain perspective through interviews with a client and a driver rehabilitation specialist (DRS). 

>> Learn to apply both the OTPF and the OT DRIVE model to guide your analysis of driving and the necessary component skills. 

Feel certain of your unique value as an occupational therapy practitioner assessing for driving risk and how this differs from an OT driver rehabilitation specialist who determines fitness to drive.

Meet Your Instructor

Susie Touchinsky, OTR/L, SCDCM, CDRS


I’m Susie Touchinsky, also known as “Susie the Driving OT” 🚗

I’ve spent decades helping drivers understand and improve their driving ability and confidence after medical illness, major medical events, health conditions, and injuries. 

I’m an occupational therapy certified driver rehabilitation specialist, have experience as a driving instructor, and am the owner of Adaptive Mobility Services, LLC serving southeastern, PA and surrounding areas. 

Driver rehabilitation is a rewarding specialty that has provided flexibility in my schedule and career growth that I wasn’t finding when working in facilities. 

I want ALL occupational therapy professionals to feel empowered in their practice to address driving risk. Then, if you get excited and passionate about driving, I’m here to help you become a specialist… and launch your own driving rehabilitation business if you so choose!

After you take this course, shoot me an email and let me know how you’re feeling about OT and driving. I absolutely love connecting with OTPs! 

Contributing Author & Presenters: 

Susan Pierce, OTR, SCDCM, CDRS, Wendy Starnes, OTR/L, SCDCM, DRS

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is this course intended for?

    OTs Role With Driving is intended for ALL occupational therapists and certified occupational therapy assistants. (OTs & COTAs) This is an introductory course that can be beneficial for students, new clinicians, or any clinician who does not have experience with driver rehabilitation. No matter what practice setting you’re in or what level of function your clients are, you will benefit from understanding OTs role with driving and how to start the conversation around this important IADL. This course will not make you a specialist or allow you to complete any on-the-road tasks. The primary audience for Adaptive Mobility Services education is OTPs. If you’re another rehabilitation professional interested in driver rehabilitation, send Susie an email: [email protected].

  • Information about AOTA CEUs.

    Adaptive Mobility Services, LLC. is an AOTA Approved Provider of professional development. PD activity approval ID# 0000006660. The assignment of AOTA CEUs does not imply endorsement of specific course content, products, or clinical procedures by AOTA. AOTA CEUs/Contact Hours: 0.3 CEU/3.0 contact hours Online Publication: 3/2023 Date & Location: ongoing, online Level of learning/education level: Introductory Prerequisites: none Instructional Method: distance learning, independent AOTA Classification Codes: OT Service Delivery, Foundational Knowledge Course Completion Requirements: Learner will review full presentation, handout, & complete post exam and AOTA APP provider survey. CE Provider & Contact: Adaptive Mobility Services, CE Administrator: [email protected] APP Provider #: 6874; ADED CHAP Provider #63563136

  • What is your refund/cancellation policy?

    Since this course is free and on-demand, refunds and cancellation policies don’t apply. Adaptive Mobility's refund and cancellation policies can be viewed on our main page and only applied to purchased course.

  • How do I request special accommodations?

    Reach out to [email protected] regarding accessibility for learning. Adaptive Mobility Services, LLC welcomes all students. Adaptive Mobility Services, LLC. attempts to create a fully accessible educational environment from which all learners can benefit and provides an opportunity for learners to identify special needs in advance of the activity.

  • Will I be a driving specialist after taking this course?

    No. This is an introductory course covering OT's role in driving rehabilitation. You’ll learn how to start the conversation about driving no matter what setting you’re in and you’ll have a clear understanding of the boundaries around driving rehabilitation too. As an OT in general practice, it’s not your job to get clients back behind the wheel or on the road. If you finish this course and are interested in becoming a driver rehabilitation specialist or an OT driver rehabilitation specialist then I’d love to connect!

  • How long will I have access to this course?

    You will have access to this course for 2 weeks. After that, if you require more time, for any reason, simple reach out to [email protected]. Please note, this product is intended for the single use and is not to be shared with multiple students.

  • Financial Disclaimer Information.

    Adaptive Mobility Services is for profit. These course instructors will inform and disclose any financial or non-financial interest in any product, instrument, device, service, or material discussed during their presentation and the source of any compensation prior to the start of the presentation. Instructors are compliant with copyright laws and have ownership or permission to use all materials used in conjunction with the presentation. Instructors will demonstrate high standards of professional conduct and not discriminate against learners based on gender, age, socioeconomic or ethnic background, sexual orientation, or disability.

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We’re committed to your success!

Adaptive Mobility Services is committed to providing high-quality, evidence-based, education infused with practical experience, real & hypothetical case studies, and a range of learning opportunities. We’re here to help you achieve your practice and career goals related to driver rehabilitation. Whether you are looking to expand your practice in the clinic or you want to become a driver rehab specialist in the car, we have the resources and community to help you achieve your goals. Start with the free course and then see where the road leads you.